She Bends Steel: Co-President Traci Tapani Interviewed on Manufacturing Talk Radio

Host Jennifer McNelly, President of 180 Skills LLC, interviews Traci Tapani, Co-President of Wyoming Machine, Inc., a family-owned business she runs with her sister Lori. From an early age, Traci learned that gender does not define a career path. Encouraged to be all she could be, Traci stepped up to the role of manufacturing owner at the early age of 27. Today, Traci is a force for change. From the White House to the factory floor, Traci influences leaders and inspires the next generation. Tune in to “She Bends Steel” to listen to Traci’s inspiring journey into manufacturing and how she pays it forward every day.  (Click here to listen to the podcast)

Today’s Guest Traci Tapani

Traci Tapani

Traci Tapani is Co-President of Wyoming Machine, Inc. Traci became an owner of Wyoming Machine in 1994 and has shared the position of President, with her sister Lori, since 1997. Traci is actively involved in volunteer activities that promote math and science education, technical training, and careers in manufacturing. In 2014 Traci was honored by The Manufacturing Institute with the Women in Manufacturing STEP Award for demonstrating excellence and leadership in Manufacturing and in April 2015 Traci participated in the Upskill America Summit hosted by the White House. Minnesota NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) recently awarded Traci and her sister, Lori, with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Traci currently serves as trustee at the Initiative Foundation, serves on the board of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, and was recently appointed to the Governor’s Workforce Development Council.