Tapani Sisters, Co-Presidents of Wyoming Machine Inc., Share Their Lifetime Achievement Award from NAWBO

On October 26, we received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association of Women Business Owners. While we’re honored to have received this, we humbly share this award with you, our employees, customers and vendors. The award acknowledges our success in business and we attribute that success to all of you.


Businesses, of course, can’t exist without customers, and we believe that our customers are among the finest around. Their products serve an incredibly diverse range of markets, from electronic enclosures to heavy construction equipment, and these companies are industry leaders.

Their—and our—success is due to their willingness to partner with us to find the best and most expedient ways to produce parts that exactly and economically meet their needs. Our customers’ longevity is further testament to that success. We have customers who have been with us for since we opened our doors in 1974.

Next, are our 54 employees. Day in and day out they make things happen. It starts with our estimators and engineers who always ask, “Is there a better way to make this product to improve quality and reduce cost?” Then, to the shop floor, where laser cutters, formers, punchers, welders, machinists and finishers always ask, “How do we approach this part to best meet our customer’s needs?” Our staff in quality inspects each part with eagle eyes making sure we exactly meet our customers’ specifications. Our shipping department fastidiously packs and delivers to ensure parts arrive in stellar condition. Our maintenance staff ensures that our operations run smoothly and everything works. They create company-wide pride with a building that guests have said has a “floor you could eat off of.” Our front office staff smiles while tending to the minutest of details that continually impress customers, visitors and vendors while keeping our employees happy. They all share a commitment to meet everyone’s needs—and keep those many balls juggling.

Our vendors, in turn, work with us closely and cooperatively to provide exceptional materials and services that allow us to please our customers. They never hesitate to exceed our expectations so we can do the same.

It’s the care, concern and pride you all show that have created opportunities for us to share our ideas and success with trade organizations, universities, business associations, government and much more on local, state and national levels. Enjoy this award with us. You’ve earned it, and we thank you.

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