The Tapani Sisters, Once Again, Host Policy Makers and Influencers at WMI


Traci and Lori Tapani have long been advocates for manufacturing. They’re recognized in the industry, community and media for their efforts. In fact, Lori and Traci’s innovations in employee recruitment, training and development were recently featured in the Star Tribune.
So it’s no wonder that legislators look to them to learn how Minnesota small business manufacturers are doing. On Feb. 6, Kurt Daudt, the new Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives, Bill Blazer, Interim President of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and its VP of Grassroots and Local Chamber Relations, Jennifer Byers, visited WMI. (Traci is on the Board of Directors of the Minnesota State Chamber of Commerce.)
The guests took a plant tour and shared ideas on healthcare changes and their impact on WMI employees, as well as taxes and ways to grow Minnesota’s economy.
As Traci said, “Both Lori and I felt that Speaker Daudt listened to our concerns and that he understands the importance of taking steps to ensure that small businesses can be successful in Minnesota. Our willingness to allow this visit and others like it stems from our desire to continue promoting the importance of small business and manufacturing in Minnesota. Our ability to provide good-paying jobs to people in an around Stacy matters to Lori and me.”

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